Some facts about HUAWEI
! Huawei is a global leader of ICT solutions – Within the top 3 with Samsung and Apple
! It’s Telecom network equipment, IT products, solutions and smart devices are used in 170 countries and regions.
! Fortune 500 company, revenue 46.5 billion USD in 2014
! 10% of the annual sales revenue is invested in R & D
! 170.000 employees, 45% active in R & D
! Well known brand, currently ranking nr. 2 in the inverter market. Soon nr. 1
! Excellent service and quality (on 1 inverter Huawei does 1000 tests, compared by 90 tests done by tier 2,3 inverter companies)
! Bankable and financially stable (important in case of warranty claims, also in the future)
! Strong service team in Europe. Inverter hub in UK, France and Germany and 300 service engineers in Holland ! Amongst Huawei’s customers are: KPN, VODAFONE, Deutsche Telekom
! Smart solution provider (lot’s of efforts in R&D, which will benefit long life span of their products)
! Spare part and main logistics hub in the Netherlands
! Working with HUAWEI provides security, also in the long run (low failure rate)


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