For Bulk SMS, Short Codes, or USSD.
Purchase your Very Own Customized Bulk SMS Website.

Welcome To System Scoop East Africa Kenya Limited.

Thank you for taking the bold step to set up your Bulk SMS business. You will receive a Premium Bulk SMS Website, with your Custom Domain and Business Name, where you are able to Sell Bulk SMS to customers countrywide.

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You will also be able to set up Sending Portals for Bulk SMS customers who want to send SMS on their own. You will also have the ability to set up Short Codes easily for clients who want two way messaging.

Finally, you will have Applications (A.P.I.) Access for customers who want to send SMS directly from their own websites.

We will create a Payment Page where you can display your account payment details for customers to pay you directly. We will also prominently display your phone number on your website, and give you business email access to communicate with your clients.

This is a Full Service website, ready for business.

There is a minimal setup cost shown on our “Payment Webpage.”

If you purchase today, you will also receive a Bonus, that is explained in more detail on our “Payment Webpage,” as a token of our appreciation.

Please allow sufficient time for our Developers to Custom Design and Launch your website, after you render payment.

The payment details are clearly shown on our Payment Page. Once you complete payment, please email us proof, so we can get started on creating your new Bulk SMS business website.

So go ahead and make Payment Now. Our Business Development Team is Ready To Get Started on your Bulk SMS website today.



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