He’s back once more! As everyone knows, when World War II ended, Adolf Hitler was able to save himself by submarine to the coast of Ghana in West Africa. With his devoted henchmen, Japanese commander-in-chief Hideki Tojo and “Horse-Man” Göring, he now wants to conquer the world out of Africa: In doing so, he can rely on his brainwashed followers, the “Ghan-Aryans”, as well as his superhuman karate powers! The honorable Kung Fu school of the Snake Snare, where the young Kung Fu fighter Horst trains, is an obstacle in his way. When Hitler’s henchmen raid the school, they rob Horst not only of his master, but also of his girlfriend. Horst vows vengeance. The opportunity seems to have come, when Hitler organises a martial arts tournament. But Horst’s abilities are not yet sufficient to participate in Hitler’s deadly competition…



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