The mobile content ecosystem has grown exponentially since the App Store launched in 2008, providing mobile app developers with an inordinate amount of options to market and monetize their apps. From in app purchase, Facebook app install advertising, to in app advertising, app developers have never had it so good.

Unfortunately, the plethora of options can make the task of identifying the right strategy for your app a daunting task.

PlacePlay friend Nathan Manning of GoAppDeveloper sat down with Ryan Morel of PlacePlay to discuss the basics of mobile advertising to talk about:

Mobile advertising becoming increasingly important for every app developer
Using mobile advertising to create spikes in app downloads to increase consumer awareness and drive app installs
Mobile advertising becoming increasingly valuable when combined with app analytics
Not long ago, mobile app developers could succeed by focusing on quality, reaching out to reviewers, and designing an eye-catching icon. Those days are gone. With over 700,000 apps in the Apple App Store, developers need to have a well-thought out marketing plan in order to have any chance of success. In this presentation, we will cover the basics of mobile advertising for app developers. So, what are you waiting for? Jump in and find out how to give your app the boost that it deserves.

Mobile advertising can be a daunting subject. Luckily, Ryan Morel of PlacePlay was able to join us to discuss how app developers can use mobile advertising to make their apps successful. Ryan has been in the mobile industry for over a decade and has experience in app development, publishing, and mobile advertising. He is currently the CEO of PlacePlay, a mobile advertising company that focuses on helping developers to monetize their apps through targeted in-game ads.

Watch this presentation to find out:

Why mobile advertising is becoming more important for app developers
How mobile advertising can help to generate spikes, support your launch, and generate ongoing downloads
How to use analytics to improve your mobile advertising results
Why you might want to consider launching in one territory before your global launch
When to use CPC/CPI, incentivized downloads, and free app promotional networks
What free advertising options are available for your app
How your mobile ad strategy should shift depending on your monetization model


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