In 2009, I drove to all 48 Mainland States in America, visiting one place in each state that shared its name with a station on the Tube Map. The 12 week long roadtrip also took in several classic ‘must see’ tourist spots along the way. Thousands of photos were taken, hours of video were recorded, and at the end of it all … this is a one hour documentary of my summer journey around the USA.

You can buy the book ‘Underground : USA’, here:

This is a re-upload, because I first finished editing this and uploaded it to Youtube in 2015, but it contained commerical music which later recieved copyright strikes. So I removed it, but have now eventually got round to replacing the music with copyright free tracks, and at the same time have re-recorded some of the voiceovers that I was unhappy with, polished some of the edits, and added in a small number of extra clips too.


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