When Michael Joseph talks about mobile money, you should listen. Michael shared his vision on financial inclusion and how
mobile technology is creating new opportunities to provide services at the base of the pyramid. Have a look at this video of his presentation on April 27th 2016 in Brussels.

Michael Joseph is currently employed by Vodafone Group Services Limited as the Director of Mobile Money and is responsible for leading the strategic growth and development of the successful M-PESA proposition across the Vodafone footprint. He was one of the first World Bank Fellows, appointed in March 2011 to advise Governments, Regulators and other institutions on Mobile Money and other ICT initiatives. Previously, Michael was the founding CEO of Safaricom Limited, steering the company from a subscriber base of less than 18,000 in 2000 to over 17 million subscribers at his retirement in November 2010. After the success of the mobile payment service and its introduction in Asia and Europe, the sky seems to be the limit with new services such as savings, borrowings and micro-insurance. Do banks, microfinance institutions and micro-insurers have to be concerned of being made redundant? Or should they rather embrace this (r)evolution and look for new partnerships to increase their outreach and create value for their clients?


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