One of the top recent google searches during the pandemic.
The question has been based on the multiple theories pointing out how China had been the first country to install over 100 000 5G Towers. Supporting these claims is that Wuhan was one of the first cities to introduce blanketed 5G and that Italy shortly followed China with the roll-ou.

With many conspiracy theories based on unsupported facts, the false beliefs soon spread, leading to many petitions around the world being signed to stop the roll-out of 5G, including Cape Town, South Africa, with a petition on with over 36 000 signatures.

South African Health Minister, Dr Zweli Mkhize, refuting these claims saying “The reality is that 5G is a technology, and coronavirus is an organic infection that is based on a living viral agent.

“The coronavirus is not something that you can link to any technology. The form of spread is well described scientifically in terms of the viral agents”.

“And its behaviour is well-known. We have tracked this virus and we know it comes from animals.”

Dr Zweli Mkhize explains zoonosis transmission – a disease found in aminals transmitted to humans – while dismissing the conspiracy theories as fake news.


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