Is the African Tech Start-Up Industry Tilted Towards Foreigner

The vibrant Kenyan tech start-up ecosystem has lots of Kenyan founders, yet it’s always been dominated by foreign-funded partners and firms, which makes it hard for local partners and founders to fight for their rights.

Case in point, in 2017 Mr. Kennedy Nganga, a geospatial engineer, launched Safi Analytics, a smart metering start-up for the agro sector, alongside two foreign nationals, including one Ms. Lauren Dunford.

During the first year, while Ken worked on developing the prototype, Lauren went back to Stanford University to finish her MBA.

In 2018, the firm raised 200 million in capital and that’s when Lauren Dunford, and the second partner, tried to push Ken out of the company. They have since upped the pressure on him to resign and relinquish his stake and claim in the company. This is despite him being the brains behind the product development.

Sema Ukweli invited Lauren Dunford to respond to the allegations and this was her reply: “I prefer not to comment at this stage.” #SemaUkweli

Video courtesy of Sema Ukweli
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