If you want to provide interactive voice response solutions, the place to go is Advanced Telecom Services.

Advanced Telecom Services (ATS) has been supplying IVR solutions since 1989. With four decades of development in IVR, ATS has already developed just about anything that you will need to provide an IVR solution.

Need large capacity call volume for a national television campaign? ATS is the place to go. In fact, Advanced Telecom Services provided an interactive voice response solution to the King of Pop Michael Jackson during the Super Bowl in 1993. After watching Jacko’s riveting halftime show, Super Bowl viewers were invited to call in to make a donation to Jackson’s Heal the World fund.

IVR services provided by ATS include: surveys; consumer information; product sampling; political robocalls.

ATS is also one of the longest lasting and most prominent providers of premium rate numbers in the world through its Canadian, UK, Ireland, and Czech offices. You can learn more about premium rate numbers in Canada by watching this video: http://youtu.be/nxVt8uz0T-8

ATS has offices in suburban Philadelphia, Toronto, London, and Prague. Over its lifetime, it has produced over 55,000 IVR programs for its customers.

To learn more about ATS’s IVR programs, contact us at http://www.atsmobile.com/ivr-services or call 610-688-6000 in the United States and 416-800-2490 in Canada.


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