BLI Global, ECOS, Greening Kenya Initiative Trust, Africa Youth Panel and Citizens’ Climate Lobby is excited to initiate a three months virtual series, featuring practitioners and experts from around the world who will be sharing their experience navigating financing at the grassroots level and advocating for increased support for policies focused on growing a green economy. The session playlist can be accessed here:

The third session is a discussion with a diverse panel of experts and practitioners in the field of financing climate action and funds management. Speakers will delve into the available financing mechanisms under the UNFCCC as well as practical financing mechanisms employed to back green projects.

Speakers include:
Edward Mungai – CEO (Kenya Climate Innovation Center)
Marilyn Waite – Program Officer in Environment (William and Flora Hewlett Foundation)
Athena Ronquillo – Program Director (Growald Family Fund)
Stacy Swann – CEO and Founder (Climate Finance Advisors)
Chinma George – Team Lead (ClimFinance Consulting)

Hosts and Moderators:
Dolphine Magero – Co-Founder (Africa Youth Panel)
Jorge Martinez – Volunteer (Citizens’ Climate Lobby)
Maria Auma Horne – Co-Founder (BLI Global)


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