Codechef Long Challenge – Array Modification – MARM

This video very clearly explains the problem statement , logic to solve the problem and also the correct solution.

What is the problem statement?

In this question, a sequence is provided to us and an integer K, we need to perform the given operations K number of time. Each operation will modify the sequence, we need to print the final sequence after K operations are performed.

How to solve the problem?

The approach for sub-task:1 is straightforward. We just need to perform the given operations K number of times and it will be accepted.

The problem is k value can be as big as 10^12, so it will not be accepted in 1 sec, as around 10^8 operations are allowed.

The approach of sub-task:2 is finding the pattern, in which the sequence is repeating after a certain number of times depending on the size of the sequence.

Once we find the pattern, the K value will be calculated and the same approach of sub-task:1 will be used. This K value will always be smaller than 10^8, so the code will work for the given time limit and constraints.

The pattern and the approach to find it is explained very well in the video.

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