In this video, Derek Johnson from shows you how to use Tatango’s U.S. Short Code Directory, so that you can lookup who owns a short code and texts with it. A short code is a five to six-digit phone number that is used by a brand to communicate with their customers.

Watch the whole video to learn all the details. And If you’re interested in finding out who owns a short code or what kind of short code a brand owns, visit, click “Short Code Directory,” and then just type in whatever the short code is, or the brand name that you’re looking for.

To learn more about short codes, and to get text message marketing insights, news, case studies, and statistics, check out the Tatango blog here:

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Tatango provides text message marketing software, allowing marketers to build and manage their SMS, MMS and RCS marketing campaigns. Since founding the text message marketing software company in 2007, Tatango has powered some of the largest, and most well-known SMS, MMS and RCS mobile marketing campaigns in the world. For more information on Tatango, and our text message marketing software, visit us here:


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