I was harassed by Long Beach PD and Code Enforcement on Wednesday April 18th 2017.

Right before I started recording the police officer rolled up and got out of his car and stated “you pissed somebody off” as he proceeded to make a phone call to the code enforcement agent who i allegedly “pissed off.” at which point i grabbed my camera and started recording for my own protection because i wasn’t quite sure was going on.

I know the video is kind of long, but , if you watch this video please contact me with any advice or suggestions on how to go about fighting this. When the officer arrested me for not showing my ID I asked if he was going to read me my rights and he claimed that he DIDNT HAVE TO READ ME MY RIGHTS…. on top of that there false information on the ticket that was given to me.

please send me any advice on how to go about getting this ticket dropped because i wasn’t running any kind of business without a business license. I was simply having a conversation with a my friend and someone who had walked by.


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