This webinar on ‘Accelerating affordable smartphone ownership’, took place on Wednesday, 19 September at 10:00-11:00 (BST).

Did you know that an average priced smartphone could cost up to 16% of annual income for poor and low-income groups in Tanzania? Or that 134m people in India could not afford the cheapest available internet-enabled handset?

Smartphone uptake between and within regions and markets is not even, risking leaving large population groups without the means to come online. In emerging markets the cost of suitable devices is a key barrier to mobile internet use, preventing people from accessing the potentially life-changing benefits it can deliver.

If your customer base is struggling to afford smartphones this GSMA webinar could help as it will provide ideas on how to tackle the problem. Based on a recent study by the GSMA Connected Society and Connected Women programmes, the webinar explored mobile industry initiatives aimed at improving smartphone affordability in emerging markets. During the session we delved into the key findings, business model analysis, and case studies from the report, as well as sharing practical recommendations for future strategies and partnership considerations.

To access the Accelerating affordable smartphone ownership report visit


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