This video helps explain the reports of Verizon’s SMS long code carrier pass-through fee, which is said to be implemented in February 2019. It could be a big shift for the text message marketing industry, because this pass-through fee is the first of its kind for a wireless carrier in the United States.

Most likely, you will see other wireless carriers follow with their own SMS long code pass-through fees after this one. It is already very common for wireless carriers to charge carrier pass-through fees for short code messaging.

It’s being reported that the new Verizon pass-through fee will be $0.0025/msg, and that I will apply to all A2P messaging on an SMS long code, which is a 10 digit phone number. This will increase the costs for long code messaging significantly. Watch the whole video to learn more about Verizon’s SMS long code carrier pass-through fee announcement.

Which other wireless carriers have pass-through fees on a short code? Check out the video we did about wireless carrier pass-through fees for short codes here:

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