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Telecommunication has brought the world very close, so much that in a minute we can establish an audiovisual contact with person sitting several kilometres away from us. Someone has rightly that because of telecommunications, world has become a global village. The telecommunication industry delivers cellular phones, telephones, mobile internet, broadband, television, satellite communications and other services to the customers. The industry primarily means to deliver means of communication for distantly placed people with the help of technology for varied purposes like business, household or private activities, education, sports etc. There’s hardly anybody in India who does not own a telephone or a mobile! Being in touch with friends or family through mobile is commonplace, these days!

In India, courses available for telecommunications are B.E. (Bachelor in Engineering) in telecommunications, B.Tech (Bachelor in Technology) or B.Sc in telecommunication! Various technology institutes, universities and colleges are providing courses in telecommunication. Post graduation courses are also available in the said technology universities or engineering colleges in India. Some well known institutes for telecommunications are AMC Engineering College, Bangalore, Indian Institute of Technology, Indian institute of telecom management, Delhi. Apart from degree and post graduate degree, diploma and certification courses are also available in India. For example: Diploma in Security Technologies, Diploma in Telecom Management, Certificate course in WAN, LAN, CDMA, GSM, 3G, SDH, DWDM, SONET, VOIP, NGN, WiMax networks, etc. Certificate courses in Trouble shooting and networking, Certification in networking and telecommunication, Certificate courses in TCP/IP and Networking; Certificate courses in Cisco Networking. These diploma and certification courses add more to a mere graduation degree in telecommunication.

Telecommunication industry offers variety of jobs to aspiring candidates. Since Aviation department has converged with telecommunication, the opportunities for jobs have only increased. The major areas in telecommunication which are focused today are Optical networks, Wireless networks, Broadband technologies, Next generation networks etc. India is a second largest telecom in the world. Thus, the telecom industry is one of the biggest places to provide jobs to jobseekers. The profiles offered to candidates are Telecom engineer, System technician, SAP analyst, Server administration, Database administration, Network Engineers, Programmers etc. Candidates with telecommunication background can also join academia so that the knowledge is transferred to future generations.

The salary or remuneration of candidate depends upon his academic qualification, merits, training, experience, location of job, responsibilities stipulated, and employer who is hiring him or her. However, the starting salary for any fresher should not be less than 1.5 lakhs per annum.

Apart from educational qualification in telecommunication, the candidate is required to possess certain skills for a good job like problem solving ability, design skills, technical skills, risk identification skills, good communication skills, networking and programming skills, mechanical aptitude and skills, knowledge of scientific discoveries in the given field with commercial applications of them, mathematical precision etc.

Well known employers in telecommunication industry are Vodafone, Reliance, TATA teleservices, IMI mobiles, Motorola, Nokia, Samsung, Bharati Airtel, Micromax etc.
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