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Sending SMS is one of the most popular methods to communicate with people. SMS services have become an integral part of many businesses. Mass texting is an effective way to keep customers and supporters informed. 80% of the population has access to a mobile device capable of receiving SMS messages; that’s why mass SMS text messaging campaigns are more effective than any other form of direct marketing. Many companies use bulk text message app for advertising their brand, marketing, customer notifications, and internal company reminders. Bulk SMS marketing is the preferred method of communication and up to 50 times better than online advertising and social media for increasing brand awareness. Bulk texting can help breathe new life into your marketing communications. Bulk texting services allow you to communicate with your audience and gives you better results than any other form of communication. Due to such reasons, SMS services have become an essential part of any business because it’s quick, easy, and inexpensive.
FitMSG Bulk SMS sender is a powerful application that enables the delivery of SMS messages through your mobile carrier network. You can send companies SMS using your mobile SMS plan to contacts that are listed in the text input file. FitMSG BulkSMS sender can serve for mass delivery of messages to any type of business or client with a high delivery rate. This app specializes in promotional marketing and provides competitive delivery speed. Now you can easily send bulk text messages for marketing and other branding purposes using your android smartphone.
FitMSG is one of the best bulk SMS free apps designed especially for SMS marketing. FitMSG is one of the most popular bulk SMS software that enables companies to stay connected to the clients or customers with the help of SMSs. It is an ideal service for businesses looking for a solution. This Bulk SMS software for PC is widely used by marketing professionals to send mass text messages. FitMSG fully embraces the new Material Design, which allows the user to send bulk SMS from their computers. It has an interactive yet straightforward user interface and totally free app for PC to send messages from PC to mobile with higher delivery rates. All of the features come in the free version, so you don’t have to buy anything. It a good option for those looking for something less bloated.
It is a long-time popular texting app with a lot of useful features, some comprehensive with several features are:
1- Provide accurate, real-time delivery reports.
2- Supports Unicode with multi-language support.
Supports flash messages.
3- Auto-schedule messages.
4- Interactive User Interface.
5- Instant Message delivery.
6- Ability to send unlimited message size.
7- Free to set up and no hidden costs.
This Mass texting software allows businesses to simultaneously contact large numbers of subscribers with one text message. FitMSG bulk SMS sender app is compact can be downloaded for free, and users will not have to pay for the messages that are sent. You don’t need any technical skills to send bulk SMS, just follow these easy steps in this video to send a mass text.


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