How to receive calls on your premium rate number:
How to change your caller id to any number:
In this video I demonstrate how to make money with International Premium Rate Numbers (IPRN). This are virtual numbers what provide out payments for every call received. So there are 2 type of International premium rate numbers:
1) Per Minute numbers – where you will receive money for every minute of call. Actually there are per second billing so you will get money even if caller will hang out after 1 second of call.
2) Per call numbers – this numbers are very popular in Spain and United Kingdom. Caller will be charged fixed price depends on their mobile operator tariffs. Usually short calls accepted on this type of numbers and this why this numbers are popular in micro billing processor companies.
Some companies and individuals instant of using International Premium Rate numbers prefer to use Domestic Premium Rate Numbers. Domestic Premium Rate Numbers are for local usage only. So this means if you are located in USA then only callers from USA can reach that number.
There are different ways on how to receive traffic to domestic premium rate numbers or to internationals premium rate numbers some of them are:
Bulk sms, automated calling by using diallers or SIP testers, arbitrage schemes where you buy cheap and sell at better rate..and etc.


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