The agriculture sector in Africa plays an important role. It employs 65% of the continent’s labour force and accounts for 32% of gross domestic product (GDP)

As its population rises over the years the farm productivity remains low, this is exacerbated by weather changes, lack of technical equipment and expertise, and rural-urban migration that deprives farming communities of young people.

These factors threatened food security in Africa.

With the help of technology, African entrepreneurs are increasingly eager to develop solutions that do everything from helping farmers increase their yields to providing better access to markets and increase revenue

Farmboek is a platform that helps farmers with information essential to running a farm it’s like having a specialist in the palm of your hand. It not only offers planting, pest control and fertilising advice for various crops, but also on livestock health and feed. In addition, it provides recommendations on tractors, along with contact details of suppliers in a specific area.

A Scotland based tech company – Cojengo, in partnership with Microsoft created Vet africa. The app which is popular in East Africa is used to diagnose livestock disease and suggest suitable medications for farm animals. The app also helps farmers monitor and record animal data.

3. Esoko

This app connects NGOs, businesses and government to farmers. Currently operating in nine countries across Africa, Esoko provides agricultural content, marketing, advisory and monitoring services for farmers and potential investors.

4. Kilimo Salama/Agri Salama

Kilimo Salama or safe agriculture was created with a kenyan telco and provides farmers with up-to-date and full climate data via text message. Farmers that are connected to this app also receive information on ways to increase productivity, ensure food security and also protect their crops during bad weather.

5. Modisar

Farmers in Botswana are able to track their farm records, cattle herds, farm costs and sales. Modisar sends advice to farmers on animal vaccinations, feed and nutrition also, they receive instructions on finance via text messages. This app won the Orange African Social Venture award in 2014.

6. Breeding Wheel

One of the most critical details on a herd is identification of cattle with reproductive problems, identifying animal with shorter lactation period, cow drying date management, and calves distribution, among others. The Breeding Wheel app allows you to access personalised animal data of your dairy herd in the form of a wheel.

File with a specific cow’s data, including the image can be shared between devices for remote assistance from a technician. The kind of app for anyone who wants to manage animal breeding through a Smartphone app.


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