The 12 most exciting codes that are useful for everyone. These secret codes are applied to iPhones, but some combinations also work for Androids. You can unlock the hidden powers of your smartphone with some secret combinations: call waiting, better signal, and even a way of tracing your gadget if it gets stolen – they are all waiting for you to try them out.

Find out your IMEI number 0:33
Find out info about calls and messages 1:35
Find out info about a phone number that receives your data 2:21
Switch off forwarding 2:56
Hide your phone number from another user 3:16
Remap the Power button 3:44
Find out info about the call waiting function 4:14
Activate call waiting 4:50
Check the speakers 5:12
Find out full info about a mobile network 6:00
Find out the number of your service center 6:47

– The IMEI is used to know some of the device’s features: the manufacturing date and date of purchase, warranty information, and check if it was lost or repaired. Do you want to try it now? Then dial *#06# on your phone. There you go – you can see your IMEI number now.
– Dial *#21# to see what’s your current call forwarding situation. More than that, this combination will help you to get information about forwarding settings: whether or not someone else receives your calls, messages, and other data.
– If forwarding settings are on, *#62# will show the phone number that receives data (calls, messages, faxes, etc.). It’d better be a number you know.
– The combination ##002# will switch off all current forwarding settings.
– #31#phone-number makes a call while hiding your phone number from the person you’re calling. It works only with a current call.
– Dialing *#*#7594#*#* will let you change your Power button functioning.
– Sometimes there is more than one person at a time trying to reach you. If you don’t want to cut them off, *#43# will work like a charm for you.
– *43# activates call waiting. It will keep you informed on when a second call is trying to come through.
– #43# will switch off call waiting.
– If you ever have problems with your audio and your favorite tracks won’t play, try dialing *#7353#.
– The combination *3001#12345#* will take you to your phone’s Field Mode and show all the information about your SIM card in a pop-up menu.
– *#5005*7672# This command allows you to find the phone number of your carrier’s service center.

Have you tried these codes? Did they work? Share your results in the comments!

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