Movies Will Never Be The Same With This Technology
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It’s a common thing in movies that the filmmakers want to tell stories taking place over multiple years. The tricky thing about that is that… well time is a thing. If you’re working with a 50 year-old actor, you need to get crafty if you want to show the character at age 20.

Traditionally this has been done through the use of special effects make-up, wigs, or even by casting older/younger actors who kind of look like the main actor. But in the past decade a new solution has arrived: technology.

In recent years, VFX tech has gotten so good that it’s possible to create younger versions of actors that are increasingly convincing. In fact in 2019, several filmmakers went all-in on this method, making de-aged characters protagonists or prominent side characters. The Irishman, Gemini Man and Captain Marvel are just a few examples of films that took de-ageing tech to a whole new level. So what are the implications of this for the movie industry moving forward?

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