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Welcome back, ScreenRanters! The MCU has quite a few heroes in their films. Like loads. Yet all of them are inspired from their comic counterparts. Weird, right!? However, while many of their powers and abilities match up with the comics, not all of them do. There are a number of fun powers that the Marvel films haven’t put in for one reason or another. Which is what we’re going to look at today! We’re also going to examine former comic powers they possessed and see how all the abilities could be introduced on the Disney screen!
Spoiler paragraph! If you don’t want to know what’s in the video, then watch it immediately. One of the peeps will look at is Steve Rogers as Captain America. We also have Tony Stark as Iron Man and a fun tech related power. We also have Black Widow and her many comic powers. We have a couple of entries involving Peter Parker as Spider-Man. And two superpowers from the Hulk! We have Asgardian entries with both Thor and Valkyrie. We also have the king and Avengers member, Black Panther. There are entries for the Guardians Of The Galaxy crew. Such as Gamora, Drax, and Groot. We have the Scarlet Witch scaring us with her incredible magic. We also have her brother, Quicksilver. One of his powers is very much like DC’s Flash. And we’re not talking about his speed. We also have Ant Man, Captain Marvel, Doctor Strange, and Falcon! So, come get your Marvel nerd-on and learn more about these popular characters!

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